Time flies so fast. A few days ago, it was only Christmas, it was still the “ber” months of 2022 but now we say hello to 2023 definitely a new year – an uncertain new year full of surprises and challenges that each one of us will have to journey on. A new year that is different from the previous years that has passed. A new year wherein new hope and new beginnings dawn on us once more. This is an opportune time for us to correct mistakes and make ourselves a better person throughout the year not only for ourselves but for the good of all our brothers and sisters.

When we talk about New Year what comes into our mind besides the fact that we get older is what we call, “New Year’s Resolutions” or promises of change that one will undergo throughout the year. It is good that we recognize our own flaws and weaknesses and promise to fix/change it for the better like, “Magsisimula na akong mag-ipon” or “Magsisimula na ako mag-diet” but most of the time after a week or two we tend to break the promises we made which I think is common for us humans since we are imperfect that is why we strive for perfection. Most of the time when we are confronted with the situation like birthday celebrations or “Flash deals” on Lazada and Shoppee we tend to say, “Bukas na lang ako mag-diet promise” or “Next time na lang ako mag-ipon promise cross my heart, hope to die”  The real challenge for us is to be disciplined and determined in accomplishing our New Year’s Resolutions. Remember this is for our own good and the good of all.

We celebrate New Year’s Day with Jesus through the maternal intercession of Mary the Mother of God. We always pray for a bountiful year for ourselves and our family but let us not also forget to pray for our brothers and sisters all over the world that they too may experience a bountiful year, safe from harm, from illnesses, disasters, and indifference. January 1 we also celebrate World Day of Prayer for Peace let us ask the intercession of Mary the Mother of God and Mother of the Church that peace may reign in the world, in our country, in our families, and in our hearts.

When we celebrate New Year’s day let us not forget to look back, look back at the previous year and learn from our mistakes and enhance the goodness in us. We learned so much from this pandemic like the spirit of charity and solidarity with other people and the Church continues to hope and pray that this spirit never dies for we are our brother’s keeper. If we failed to help those in need yesterday, there is always today and tomorrow. Let us be abound with love and compassion for each other.

In the end , aside from making New Year’s resolutions we also entrust to the Lord the coming days that we be guided in the decisions we make, that we may be protected from harm caused by sickness or calamities and indifference, and that we may be blessed by God’s grace as we journey to another uncertain year. Let us not forget our close devotion/connection to our INAY, the miraculous and loving Mary as we ask for her maternal protection and help in interceding for us to her son Jesus Christ. “AD IESUM PER MARIAM”- “TO JESUS THROUGH MARY”  and as a people/nation who loves Mary, “PUEBLO AMANTE DE MARIA”- or “BAYANG SUMISINTA KAY MARIA”  To God be highest honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

Written By: Bryan Kristoffer Siy