As Filipino Catholic people, we generally hold a wake known as lamay for our deceased loved one which typically lasts for 3-7 nights. This vigil is being participated by families, relatives, and acquaintances of the dead to pray for their eternal peace and contemplate how their lives have been touched by this person.

The Resurrection Chapel

Santuario offers its Resurrection Chapel to public with a fee of P3,000.00 per day (P6,000.00 if with aircon). Schedule of wake is per appointment with the Parish Office. Each family is given a max of 1 week by the Parish to hold a vigil for the dead.

Blessing and Funeral Mass

We also provide Funeral Blessing and Funeral Mass inside the church. Blessing fee is P100 while Mass is P500. Schedule is from Tuesday to Sunday.  During Sundays, we cannot accommodate Funeral Mass, only Funeral Blessing. Kindly coordinate with the Parish Office for the time.

Visitors who wish to come with vehicles can use the wide parking space provided at the façade of the Church for free.