Easter Sunday

Throughout the years, the significance of Easter has undoubtedly changed. It has many diverse connotations for different people all throughout the world, and they celebrate it in varied ways. While bunnies, chocolate candies, and Easter eggs are fun, the real reason we celebrate Easter is his death and resurrection. It is also about hope and forgiveness. It is crucial to keep in mind that, as Christians, we are celebrating the fundamental foundation of all we hold sacred. Easter Sunday commemorates the resurrected life of Jesus Christ. Many individuals were taken aback since they thought death was the end. Jesus’ resurrection provided us with hope for Everlasting Life. Each of God’s teachings is interconnected in a certain way, and we must understand how to apply them in our own lives.

As for me, I’m thankful that as I grew older, my parents always taught me the real reason for Easter. Every Easter Sunday, our entire family has made it a tradition to attend mass at church and eat together afterward. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, something changed in our traditions. Although we must maintain our social distance in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 and aren’t able to physically gather in churches at this point, we can still connect with our faith and traditions by watching mass on TV or online. Because of this, I’ve had more realizations, such as how, despite everything that’s going on in the world, I’m still here and so are my loved ones, there were vaccines, and it is as if everyone in the world has been given a chance to avoid more severe COVID symptoms. Furthermore, Easter is a time to reflect on how redeemed we are all. Even though we all sin on a regular basis as humans, if we view Jesus as the light that can save us from the shadows, we may always live in His light. Jesus sacrificed his life for our redemption from sin. 

I suddenly questioned how I could commemorate Christ’s death on a daily basis. After some thought, I came to the conclusion that I could honor Jesus Christ every day that the Lord had given me by showing the same compassion and grace to others. Although we continue to sin, Jesus still loves us, and it’s as a result of His loving that we are healed. Despite the fact that it is hard for a single person to reach this level of pure love, we can try to follow in His footsteps, though when it is difficult. Moreover, we must also keep in mind to keep testifying. Analyze verses concerning the apostles’ continuous attempts to spread the word about this miracle in addition to reading sections regarding Christ’s resurrection again. Additionally, we must resolve to visit the church regularly and pray every day. Easter serves as my personal new goal that is founded on my faith. This is my chance to truly appreciate the effectiveness of prayer. I make an effort to include prayer in everyday living. I firmly believe that small prayers spread throughout the day will help me connect with God and stay rooted in my religion. 

We have indeed been given a second chance because of Jesus’ death on the Cross. We are free to put the past behind us and concentrate on the present, with all its opportunities for joy and decisions that please God. It is God’s never-ending pursuit of a personal relationship with us at all costs. In addition, I asked some of my friends about the amount of time they allotted for worshipping. Apparently, in this case, several of their responses go something like this: Many only consider themselves to be Christians if they make an effort to attend church on both Christmas and Easter Sunday. Easter shouldn’t be used as a benchmark. The benefits of regularly getting together with other Christians, in my opinion, will be much larger. Even after we’ve pretty much forgotten, customs like communion serve as a strong reminder of Easter’s meaning. Joining a formal Bible study group can also be advantageous, especially if you read passages about Christ’s resurrection. After Easter week has given way, we should also contemplate the rebirth and optimism of Christ’s promise. Easter is more prevalent in the summer because of the season. This time of year is filled with fresh starts and a renewed sense of hope. But as time passes, that gradually gives way to a less attentive manner of living, and ultimately, pessimism. It is possible to maintain the hope of that wonderful day throughout the year by continuing to observe Easter.

Sometimes I can be going through a phase in life where I feel lost, unsure of who I am or what I want to do with my life. I often feel like I’m just going through the motions every day. I firmly think that Jesus always shows me the path of light and gives me a reason for existing. What I’m doing is trying to break out of my daily routine by engaging in something different. Make an effort to make me happier. Take quality time accomplishing what I enjoy, taking care of myself, and anything that will brighten my life. Additionally, I listen to music while remaining quiet, giving thanks to God for what he has given me and having faith in what he will accomplish in the coming years. And at last, I pray. I will surrender all to God. Giving him everything I have in my heart and mind. I honestly think He hears me and cares about what I have to say.

There are numerous reasons to enjoy eggs, bunnies, and chocolates, yet Easter Sunday has a deeper significance. Undoubtedly, this eagerly awaited holiday provides a chance for family reunions, but it has so much more potential. During Easter, we reflect on the compassion Christ shown for humanity by providing the greatest sacrifice in our place. We have genuine cause to rejoice because he has definitely risen from the death. Jesus Christ wants for us to be fulfilled. Let’s make the decision to have a happy day. Strive to see the silver lining in everything and make the decision to be joyful when you get up each morning. The Almighty made everyone in his likeness, so live your life as he designed. It is challenging to bring happiness and light to those who surround you when you are trapped in darkness, yet that is what he desires you to do. Be satisfied with the existence that God has blessed you and sunlight to the people surrounding you. Live for God’s glory and as He would have you live.

Written By: Jeiti Trinidad