Celebrating Parish’s 80th Founding Anniversary in the Year of Synodality

The Dominicans arrived in the Philippines in 1587. 15 years after, they came to our small town, to construct a home for relaxation and restoration. Captain Julian de Cuenca donated a plot of his wooded land when he heard about this plan to show his and that of his family’s gratitude to the Dominican Fathers. It was then when the first convent and church of San Juan del Monte was built on a hill, with St. John the Baptist as its patron.

The Church underwent several circumstances from 1639 to 1884. It was destroyed during the war but it was fortunate to receive generous contributions from different donors to support the reconstruction. The venerable image of the ‘Santo Cristo’ was brought to the reconstructed church in San Juan and placed in the main altar, displacing St. John the Baptist who had previously occupied the place of honor. No sooner the Santo  Cristo was placed on the altar that He immediately began to perform  series of “miraculous incidents” and from then on the place was called the “Santuario del Santo Cristo” and became a consistent congregation of devoted Catholics.

Santuario del Sto Cristo realized its dream of becoming a parish on May 3, 1942, after several attempts and insistence of the people of San Juan, including the then Parish Priest of Pinaglabanan himself, Father Artemio Casas. Father Peregrin de la Fuente, OP, was the first appointed parish priest of Santuario del Sto. Cristo.

For the past 8 decades, the community of Santo Cristo have been journeying together to fulfill its mission of evangelization. Our Parish is not only rich in history and culture, but it is also rich in people faithfully devoting their service to the community and praying together with and for one another. Equipped with love and joyful hearts, we share our mission with Christ and shout the Good News of salvation from Sto. Cristo to our nation.

In celebration of the 80th Anniversary of the canonical erection of our Parish, we launched a music video entitled “A Joyful Heart, We Share and Shout”, the official theme song of our Parish’s 80th Foundation. The song is composed and sang by Mr. Ricky Cabico together with the Music Ministry. The music video was performed by the members of different ministries and organizations of our parish and produced by Santo Cristo Social Communications.

The music video features the whole community of Sto. Cristo, participated by the Dominican fathers, brothers, novices, Blessed Imelda Sister and Sisters Adorers along with the different ministries and organizations, and beloved parishioners. It highlights the activities of the Church where we put synodality into practice and represent a sense of oneness among all. This reminds us of the work of the Holy Spirit through each of us and through all of us working together for our common mission.

As members of the Church, we listen to the call of others and reach out to them through spiritual and corporal works of mercy, especially during the challenging times. During this pandemic, our Parish thrived and adapted to the new normal and continue to celebrate Masses with unity, love, and togetherness with Christ through our social media platforms, reaching out more people around the globe. Many projects have also been developed such as the beautification of the Parish garden, Community Pantry organized by each ministry, grand celebration of the Feast of our patron Santo Cristo, and the establishment of the Replica Chapel.

Allow us to offer our gratitude to everyone who participated in our shooting days and those who continuously support our activities. Despite the many difficulties that our Church have encountered and even our own personal challenges, we still carry out our mission with Christ and keep our faith in Jesus. Our Parish is beyond grateful for your unwavering devotion to the Santo Cristo and assistance to the community. Let us remain strong with God’s guidance, and may you never grow weary of serving Him and cooperating with others.

May the Santo Cristo grant us blessings in our everyday lives and give us more strength so that we can continue to serve Him faithfully, in unison as a parish, and by proclaiming the Gospel. Amen.

"A Joyful Heart, We Share and Shout"

the official theme song of Santuario del Sto. Cristo Parish’s 80th Founding Anniversary

Performed by: Parish Music Ministry
Composer: Ricky Cabico
Produced by: Santo Cristo Social Communications

Director: Dominic Rico
Concept Writers: Dominic Rico, Matthew Castro, Cedric Tan
Script Writers: Dominic Rico, Annika Javillonar, Matthew Castro, Dess Peñalosa
Video Editors: Sherric Pantaleon, Dominic Rico
Videographers: Joeren Formento, Jude Dela Luna, Nico Letrondo
Production Manager: Erwin dela Cruz
Production Assistants: Brandon Samson, Dess Peñalosa, Daniella Cular, Innah Rosario, Miguel Peñalosa
Technical Staff: Sherric Pantaleon, Carlos Manding, Arvin Aquino
Talent Managers: Ivy Mañosa, Renzo Aquino
Behind the Scene: Annika Javillonar, Daniella Cular

Joyce Pangan
Shai Pangan
Marlin Ferry
Merjing Lee
Jaime Lim
Matthew Castro
Elijah Lim
Ricky Cabico

Thanks to:
Fr. Matthias Nga Reh
The Dominican Fathers
Parish Pastoral Council
All Ministries and Organizations