Santo Cristo Social Communications

Our Story

Founded by Fr. Jesus Prol, O.P. + in 2012, Santo Cristo Social Communications (SOCOM) serves as the information hub of all Church related announcement and activities promoting it to the community to inform, invite participation, and inspire the faithful in the mission of the Church to evangelize and bring the Good news to others.

Few years after, due to inactiveness of its members, SOCOM Ministry was nearly abolished; Fortunately, Kadang Dominiko, the youth ministry of the Parish, has taken over the management. They were able to produce several videos and social media contents for the Parish. It became a huge success as this was also the time when almost all of the people are using social media and the internet.

In 2019, with the guidance of Fr. Matthias Nga Reh, O.P, SOCOM was re-established as independent ministry and became the official media ministry of the Santuario del Sto. Cristo Parish, composing of young and professional individuals who are skilled in different mass media tools and technological platforms. On the same year, the modernized logo and the improved website of the Parish was officially launched and SOCOM became active from there after until present.

Aside from supporting the Parish in information dissemination, SOCOM has also joined film contests, social media trainings, and attended activities organized by the Archdiocese of Manila Office of Communications.

With its mission to continuously serve effectively and efficiently to the needs of the Parish especially in terms of communication and social media, SOCOM has launched its training program to give opportunity to the young aspirants and acquire them as members and further improve the members’ skills in photography, videography, graphics design, photo & video editing, writing, and other social communications skills.


The Santo Cristo Social Communications (SOCOM) is a ministry of evangelized and evangelizing servant-communicators, working for the common good of the Catholic Church, as the information hub of all Church-related data, pronouncements, catechesis, and teachings for all Catholic Faithful at the Parish through dynamic ways of communications in and out of the local Church with the available mass media tools and technological platforms.


To successfully carry out its vision, Santo Cristo Social Communications sets forth the following mission goals:

  1. Consolidation of all social communications programs and activities in the parish for more effective and efficient use of human and material resources; and
  2. Maximization of the use of all latest available mass media tools and technological platforms for the advancement of SOCOM at the parish.
  3. Aiding the constant development of the Parish for its adaption to the fast-changing world by giving its members the opportunity to progress and improve its skills and talents essential for the benefit of the parish.