What is Familia?

Familia is a parish-based community of Catholic families who are empowered by the Holy Spirit, have a personal relationship with God and committed to love and support one another in growing as disciples of Jesus Christ

Familia exists to:
  • Promote family and life,
  • evangelize the family and others,
  • participate in the life and mission of the Church and
  • share this way of life with others
Our Mission

Bring more families back to God’s plan.

Our Vision

Communities of empowered Catholic families passionately witnessing everywhere.

Our Call

Serve the present to preserve the future.

Meaning of Our Call

It means that we are called to:

  • Serve the gospel now so that more people can receive their eternal inheritance which begins now.
  • Serve and form our children now because they will be the future citizens and potential leaders of our country.
  • Serve and train our present members now because they have a role to play  in the building of our society.
  • Serve our society now because what we do today is our contribution to a better life for the coming generations.
Our commitment - 5 R's

(Expression of our way of life)

Relationship with GOD

Relationship with the Family

Renewal of Self

Relationship with Community

Reaching Out for Others