Thank You for All Your Help in the Evacuees’ Relief Efforts

Posted on Aug 12 , 2012 in Parish Priests Message

Thank You for All Your Help in the Evacuees’ Relief Efforts

Dear parishioners,

In the name of the Dominican Fathers I would like to thank you publicly for the help extended to the evacuees during the three days they stayed, night and day, in our church. The first day they were around 600 and the second more than one thousand

As you know, we could not celebrate Mass during those days, but the implication of the Mass was real and visible. There was a lot of sharing: food, water, and clothing. There was not distinction between parishioners and no-parishioners, not even of religion. God’s house was open to all! We even saw dogs and birds, a resemblance of Noah’s Ark, with the difference that here there were more people than animals. .

They were really heavy days, but it was inspiring to see the volunteers cleaning, cooking and distributing food as if they were not tired. And to attend to such a big crowd was burdensome! Many many times we heard the lovely word salamat and the request of mano po from children who enjoyed playing around. Indeed, we were in the House of God.

Somewhat there was peace and order, and plenty of smiles on the faces of children. At times you could hear the bumping of their bodies and heads on the slippery floor, but since it was their fault they did not cry.

Last Wednesday, August 8, was the feast of our Father and Founder, Saint Dominic. For the first time we could not celebrate Mass in the church on such an important day for us, Dominicans. We did it in our private chapel. But we know that St. Dominic enjoyed seeing that, on his feast, our parish was putting into practice the meaning of the Mass.

I should thank in a special way the Aquinas School Administration and the Sisters of Dominican College. They went all the way showing solidarity with the evacuees. I should say the same of the Blessed Imelda Sisters. Donations, either in cash or kind, poured out daily from the hearts of many parishioners. Rephrasing the theme of the gospel of these Sundays I should say that the bread was multiplied, or if you prefer, the miracle of the five loaves and two fish took place once more in our Parish. Apart from the many groceries given by Addition Hills Barangay, we did not receive food assistance from any government institution. On Thursday morning, the last day, some doctors and nurses, sent by the Munisipyo, attended to the evacuees. By 2 o’clock in the afternoon the church was empty and the volunteers began to clean the church. Everything, absolutely everything – care, attention, food and financial assistance-, came from you, and to you we are very grateful.

Brothers and sisters, may the spiritual nourishment the Bread of Life gives us in the Eucharist strengthen us to continue sharing the blessings we receive with those in need. May our Lord spare us from natural calamities and bless your home.

In the name of the evacuees maraming-maraming salamat po!

Jesus Prol OP
Parish Priest


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