Lenten Message from Fr. Prol O.P.

Posted on Feb 13 , 2013 in Parish Priests Message

Lenten Message from Fr. Prol O.P.

We start the holy time of Lent.

What is Lenten Season? As the Gospel of the day tells us: it is

  • a time to open ourselves to God through prayer;
  • a time to think more about others than ourselves and to extend to the less fortunate thematerial help we can;
  • a time to control our instincts through fast and abstinence.

Following the advice Our Lord gives in the gospel, we are to do it without noise.

  • when you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing…
  • pray to your Father in secret…
  • hide the fact that you are fasting…

Our giving must be a loving act of showing our care for others; never out of a sense of duty and less to please ourselves seeing what we are doing. Our prayer must be more frequently; a moment of authentic sincerity, knowing what we are and need and always ending with “Thy will be done.” And our acts of penance, like fasting and abstinence – you can add other practices- a sign of pursuing a simpler way of living. We need self-discipline. At times we are completely self-indulgent, living with many things we do not need. If we are not careful, as William Barclay says, we may reach the stage, “when we live to eat (let us add, to have more things) instead of eating (or having the necessary things) to live.”

May this Lenten Season be “an acceptable time! … a forty days of salvation! (2 cor. 6:2).

Jesus C. Prol OP
Parish Priest

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