Do you know that… (Parish Trivia #040)

Posted on Oct 30 , 2013 in Parish Trivia

Do you know that… (Parish Trivia #040)


Do you know that…

Father Diego Serrano’s detailed account does not mention what happened to the image of the Santo Cristo. It could be inferred from his report that it was one of the images that would have to be replaces.  It is Father Ire who goes deeper into the matter.  He reports to the King that apart from the losses suffered in Manila, of which the Catholic Majesty is already aware, “we have suffered the total loss of our house and church in San Juan del Monte, reduced to ashes by the enemy; the sacred and miraculous image of our Redeemer – venerated there and to which all the neighboring areas had so much devotion – was burned.” The only things that could be rescued, according to him, were the holy vessels and a precious relicario of the Lignum Crucis.

Now you know! God bless!

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