Do you know that… (Parish Trivia #039)

Posted on Oct 23 , 2013 in Parish Trivia

Do you know that… (Parish Trivia #039)


Do you know that…

Father Diego Serrano made a detailed account of the losses from the fire, about P 20,000.00, among which are as follows: for materials to reconstruct the church, P 3,500.00; for the reconstruction of the convent, P 4,000.00; to replace altars, retablos, images, P 1,000.00; to replace church jewelry and vases, P 1,300.00.  Father Serrano alleges that this is a very conservative estimate and that these losses do not include those suffered by natives and the mestizos with their goods stored in the convent. Father Serrano’s statement is signed at the convent of Santo Domingo of Manila on July 2, 1764. He adds that the San Juan was set on fire because the British thought logistic support for the Filipino-Spanish forces was coming from there and that the people were loyal to his Majesty, the King of Spain. The Dominican Provincial, Father Pedro Ire, later admits that the bells of San Juan were melted to cast cannons for the Filipino-Spanish forces.

Now you know! God bless!

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