Do you know that… (Parish Trivia #038)

Posted on Oct 16 , 2013 in Parish Trivia

Do you know that… (Parish Trivia #038)


Do you know that…

Father Diego Serrano, Vicar of San Juan at the time, informed under oath how on June 16, 1763, a certain Captain Tiongson, with a group of British soldiers made his appearance at the convent and searched the convent.  He was furious when he found none as he had informed his superiors that there was a cache of weapons hidden in the convent of San Juan. He told Father Serrano that he was under orders to set the place on fire and the orders would be carried out without delay.  Father Serrano was forcefully taken to Manila where he will be kept prisoner for the day and looking back, as he made his way to the capital under custody, he could see already the flames and smoke engulfing the convent, the Santuario and the town.

Now you know! God bless!

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