Do you know that… (Parish Trivia #026)

Posted on Apr 02 , 2014 in Parish Trivia

Do you know that… (Parish Trivia #026)


Do you know that…

Most of our streets in the present San Juan today were named after men of substance and influence during the Spanish era?  The list includes the following: Mariano Infante,  Gobernadorcillo, and the ex-Gobernadorcillos: Jose Domingo, Jose Fernandez, Domingo Pascual and Fernando Ibañez. Those decorated with the medal of Merito Civil (which carried a rank equal to that of the ex-Gobernadorcillos, and thus entitled to be addressed as Don) were Don Jose Vicente Soriano and Don Raymundo Morales.  The following were the Cabezas de Barangay: Francisco Ramos, Cornelio Angeles, Fernando Policarpio, Francisco Ibañez, Matelo Valentin, Exequiel Corcuera, Vicebte Tagayon, Jose dela Cruz, Ricardo Estagle, Juan Ibañez, Agustin delos Reyes and Raymundo Morales.  To these we have to add the names of the Tuaño, Castillo, Fermin, delos Angeles, Cristobal, delos reyes, Sunga, Sutilo, Lagmay, Perez de Tagle, Santos, Ortega, Pasucal, San Pedro, etc., all prominent citizens in their own right and residents of San Juan.

Now you know! God bless!

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