Here are the different ways you can get in touch with us…..

Facebook Fan Page:

The internet is the Next Frontier and we are already there. Get connected with us through Facebook. We encourage you to visit and LIKE our Fan page at

There, you will get updates on what is happening in our parish as well as get updates coming straight from this website. 

By Telephone & Mailing Address: 

By Calling Us        Through Our Mailing Address

(632) 724 54 66 to 69 

The number above will connect you to the Parish Operator. To get connected to the Parish Office, simply request to be connected to the Parish Office. 

Parish Office Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday
7:00am to 11:30am
2:30pm to 6:00pm 

"We are closed on Mondays"


If you wish to send us something like a letter, a package or donation of any kind, you can send them to the address below:

Santuario Del Sto.Cristo Parish
183 F. Blumentritt Street, 
San Juan City, Philippines 1500

We Hope to hear from you soon. God bless!