Vatican to PH Faithful: No Banners of Pope Please

Posted on Jan 13 , 2015 in Archdiocese of Manila News

Vatican to PH Faithful: No Banners of Pope Please
To welcome the Holy Father, raise up banners with the faces of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin and the saints instead.
This was what Vatican officials told the Archdiocese of Palo in a set of instructions for Pope Francis’ motorcade set on Jan. 17 in the province.
According to Fr. Amadeo Alvero, head of the information and social communications committee of the Papal Visit to the Archdiocese of Palo, the faithful should bear instead tarpaulins with the images of Jesus, parishes’ patron saints or that of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The Vatican’s suggestion is perceived as a sign of the Pope’s personal disposition of humility and submissiveness to Christ from whom his official title stems.
Engr. Dalmacio Grafil, a member of the Papal Visit local information committee member and publisher of Leyte Samar Daily Express, said the Vatican, however, will allow greetings in text form mentioning the pastoral visit’s theme “Mercy and Compassion” and images of Jesus, Mary or the parish patron saint.
Palo Archbishop John Du encouraged all the families who are survivors of typhoon Yolanda to join in welcoming the Pope, the papal Mass, and the motorcade, optimistic that this once in a lifetime experience will be an experience of “healing and hope.”
“This is a rare opportunity to experience the mercy and compassion of God through the apostolic mission of the Vicar of Christ on earth, the Pope,” he stressed.
Du particularly called on the faithful to carry banners that that say: “God is merciful and compassionate”.
The Holy Father will be spending an entire day in Tacloban and Palo, Leyte on Jan. 17. (Eileen Nazareno-Ballesteros/CBCPNews)

Vatican Urges PH to Minimize Papal Visit Spending

Posted on Nov 22 , 2014 in Archdiocese of Manila News

Vatican Urges PH to Minimize Papal Visit Spending

The Vatican urged the Philippines to minimize papal visit expenditures and devote more resources to help victims of recent calamities. Speaking at a press briefing Thursday, papal visit media relations sub-committee chair Fr. Anton Pascual said the Vatican wants a simple papal visit to create savings for the rehabilitation of areas devastated by typhoon Yolanda and other disasters.

That is the primary purpose of his visit,” Pascual said in Filipino.“The call of the Vatican that this visit not be costly is important because the desire of the Holy Father is that donations be given instead to the victims of calamities.

Pope Francis earlier said he wants his visit to the Philippines on January 15 to 19 next year to be “pastoral and simple.”


Netizens Wage Online War vs. Bench Show

Posted on Sep 24 , 2014 in Archdiocese of Manila News

Netizens Wage Online War vs. Bench Show

“Pornographic”, “dehumanizing”, “cheap” and “misogynistic”. This is what a lot of Filipino netizens, most of them women, are calling local clothing brand Bench’s recent “The Naked Truth” fashion show.

Alaina Lenox Becroft stresses, “Fashion isn’t porn. You dont know the real meaning of fashion. Fashion isn’t stripping … Fashion isn’t immorality.”



‘Sexual objects’

Several netizens like Anne-Di Victorino Berdin questioned the motive behind a particular segment where two female models kissed each other onstage.

Berdin explained, “…Female models were seen making out to titillate men were a reflection of how misogynistic our society is…We objectify women to satisfy the male gaze which creates an imbalance between the two genders…It’s not about being conservative or prude. It’s about calling out an act which ‘commodify’ women and treat them as sexual objects so it won’t be repeated again.”


CBCP President on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted on Aug 28 , 2014 in Archdiocese of Manila News

CBCP President on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

THE ‘ice-bucket challenge’ seems to be the most recent rave with national personalities joining in. Throughout the world, and now, even in the Philippines, people recognize the nobility of the cause: research on the dreaded Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), more popularly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Act of Compassion not a Fad

Mitch Albom poignantly chronicled the deterioration of one stricken with the disease in his very popular book “Tuesdays with Morrie”. Those from older generations may recall how Lou Gehrig bade the world of baseball — and the world — a moving farewell after having been diagnosed with the disease. It is therefore disturbing, to say the least, that some have trivialized the ‘ice-bucket challenge’ by making of the act of dousing oneself with iced water a fad, rather than a gesture of solidarity with all who suffer from the disease and with those who do research on its alleviation.


CBCP Declares ‘Day of Prayer’ for Peace in Iraq on August 18

Posted on Aug 16 , 2014 in Archdiocese of Manila News

CBCP Declares ‘Day of Prayer’ for Peace in Iraq on August  18

The head of the Catholic hierarchy has asked the Filipino bishops to join Pope Francis in prayer and action for peace in troubled parts of the world, including Iraq.

In a statement, Archbishop Socrates Villegas, CBCP president, said that Christians in Iraq have been in a “perilous and life threatening” situation in recent days.

As a gesture of spiritual unity “with our persecuted brethren” in northern Iraq, and in response to the call of the pope for prayer, the CBCP has declared a “day of prayer” for the restoration of peace in Iraq.

“I request the archbishops and bishops in the Philippines to offer all our Masses on August 18 as Votive Mass for peace and Reconciliation in Iraq,” Villegas said.